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Warning: This product has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming. Marijuana can impair concentration, coordination and judgement. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of cannabis. There may be health risks associated with the consumption of this product. For use only by adults 21 or older. Keep out of reach of children. These products may be unlawful outside of Washington State.



Purple Pineberry is a indica/sativa hybrid strain, whose genetics are closely guarded by its breeder. Its is a BC strain. It has a strong fruity smell, with distinct lemony pine. This is a heavy hitter but, functional as well. This is one of the first strains we harvested, for our business. It’s smell is so unique, I haven't smelled any strain quite like it! It usually tests at 18-26% THC. We haven’t seen many other growers offering this strain.


Kish (AKA SHISHKABERRY) Is a cross of two Shishkaberries, which are themselves a Blueberry/Stinky Afghan cross. This Kish has a very “berry” taste and smell. Kish is potent. It usually tests between 20-30% THC.


An indica hybrid, this strain is a cross of Phantom OG and Platinum Girl Scout Cookies. Frosty all throughout, it's a beautiful bud to enjoy and proudly grown outdoors. Featuring a fruity profile with earthy undertones, this high is known to produce high THC percentages that will keep you feeling relaxed. 

Blue Boy is a sativa dominant hybrid. A cross of Blue Dream and Northern Lights #5. This strain has a slight sweet smell, it isn’t the strongest smelling but it makes up for it in taste and effect. These buds are dripping in trichomes! Our unique phenotype of this strain has been a coveted island favorite for many years. We were lucky to acquire it, and we’re proud to provide it for the state of Washington.


OG 18 is an indica dominant hybrid.  70% Indica/ 30% Sativa. OG 18 is referred to as “Private Reserve” It is a phenotype of OG Kush. The buds are dense and frosty. The buds are are a little smaller than some, but they pack a punch! The smell is incredibly sour and pungent.Connoisseurs will notice a true “OG” smell right away. Definitely not for beginners.

OG 18

Our Bubblicious smells just like Bubble Gum! Such a sweet fruity smell. This is a 50/50 Hybrid. The buds are quite resinous, they are sticky and just beautiful.  


Shark Shock CBD is a fairly new CBD strain that we are happy to present. 


This up-and-coming sativa dominant strain is a cross between 707 Headband x The Truth x Maui. Featuring spiced fruit and pine undertones, this strain has a defined musky aroma. Enjoy this strain in small increments for a uplighting, creative and euphoric high. If you're looking to relax and stay in for the night, its indica effects are produced through a larger dose . 


Looking for a tasty strain that will have you feeling giggly and euphoric? This is it! A sativa dominant hybrid, this uplifting strain comes from Amnesia Haze and Blueberry. The flavor profile features sweet, fruity flavor of blueberry with spicy undertones. 


This CBD strain is new to the farm! Coming from a complex genetic background of crossing White Widow and Skunk, then crossed with Critical, its designed well for medicinal use. Featuring dark green bud covered in trichomes and refreshing citrus scent, this is an excellent strain for muscle pain, spams, insomnia and more. 



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